To Become A Giant, Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

I didn't appreciate how major brands had assisted me in my own career growth and my next career move proved the same. The lure of a senior leadership role and promises of global posting's was too enticing and reluctantly I resigned from Jack Zenger’s company for the new frontier. In the following three years I lived and worked in Hong Kong and Singapore for six months each and then finally Sydney. The company had no training or operating procedures manuals so my training and development experience from Zenger Miller was put to good use. We recruited more than sixty-five people in three countries during that period and I personally trained most of them, one city at a time.

We had no way of supporting each new recruit and yet our performance expectations were high as to what income they would produce as a headhunter (or recruitment consultant) so I wrote a ‘defining your market’ training system.

Within a few months, everyone was using this system company wide and in less than three years our revenues had grown from $1M USD to more than $15M USD.

At this point, I realised I was making the company money and had assisted them to grow the entire business so I started thinking perhaps profits might be better than wages! extract from John Peterson's book "The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery"



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