The Mindset for true Happiness and Success

HOW IS YOUR MINDSET GOING? Have you ever had a really bad day?  Have you ever stumbled out of bed the wrong way, stubbed your toe immediately and then discovered the entire day slowly turned to crap?  We have all had one, right?  Did you end up telling yourself: “I can not wait for this day to end”? Why is this so? THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND  There is much to be learned...
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Get Uncomfortable Once A Month

Get Uncomfortable Once a Month By John Peterson Little did I know at the time (some twenty five years ago) how important this mantra would become. If personal growth and self-belief are important topics on your agenda then this motto may be worth considering.  I created with this motto approximately 25 years ago.  It was a time of deep soul searching and personal growth.   ...
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Is Your family Blue Print Holding You Back ?

Obviously we have all asked ourselves this question a thousand times, then “shelved” the notion because the concept was either too confronting or too difficult to seriously regress into, unless you’re like me LOL    WHAT IS YOUR FAMILY BLUEPRINT? Our Family Blueprint is an extremely powerful and influential source of beliefs of which most of us carry (like luggage) for...
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Breakthrough Observation

I had lost over one million dollars. That left me with the confronting truth that I had done so as a sole director in complete and utter control of my own destiny. How could someone with my skills and experience have blown it so badly? Suddenly it felt like the only thing I had going for me was my lovely wife and two beautiful children (at the time two boys). I was depressed and could not see a...
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The Painters House is Never Painted

Suddenly it dawned on me how arrogant I had been these past six years, having launched then relaunched a business without any regard for the key business success factors I had once represented so passionately as a change management consultant. Looking back, I now realise how easy it is for business owners to take short cuts and conversely how difficult it is for them to develop great habits and...
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Life Changing Move Changes Life Itself

Suddenly it was as if my entire life before hand was a combination of smaller parts in small time plays and the occasional dress rehearsal for something really big. Yellow Pages invested heavily in its people in the 80's. As a result I had 7.5 years of advertising, sales and marketing expertise that was not easy to replicate. I knew what kept business owners awake at night, how to attract...
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Reflecting on True Success

Almost 12 years ago my first born child came into this world.  He remains the "game changer" for me symbolic of a cave man that needed to become a father.  Three kids later and I am proud to admit how much I had to grow up and hopefully my lovely wife (Kimberley) agrees this has been achieved in the most part. What stood out today was a judgement error my son made in one of his key...
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