Life Changing Move Changes Life Itself

Suddenly it was as if my entire life before hand was a combination of smaller parts in small time plays and the occasional dress rehearsal for something really big.

Yellow Pages invested heavily in its people in the 80's. As a result I had 7.5 years of advertising, sales and marketing expertise that was not easy to replicate. I knew what kept business owners awake at night, how to attract customers to virtually anyone, and how to write marketing plans. I could probe, clarify, paraphrase, strategise, summarise, and close the sale as well as anyone.

Suddenly these skills were to be applied to a remarkable niche, helping CEO's come to terms with their shortcomings and need for external assistance to ensure that they hit their numbers!

The first nine months at Zenger Miller I was completely under water, driving home each night wondering if they might sack me for taking so long to ‘get’ what they actually did. But thankfully they persisted with me and almost twelve months later everything started to make sense.

I started winning lots of new clients and the company started sending me interstate. This period will always be one of the fondest memories of my career. I was living the dream of my teenage years and more significantly I had purpose and means way beyond what an uneducated kid could imagine. Most importantly, I could regularly visit with my mother, brother, sister and father, which kept me connected with family and school friends. extract from John Peterson's book "The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery"




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