Reflecting on True Success

Almost 12 years ago my first born child came into this world.  He remains the "game changer" for me symbolic of a cave man that needed to become a father.  Three kids later and I am proud to admit how much I had to grow up and hopefully my lovely wife (Kimberley) agrees this has been achieved in the most part.

What stood out today was a judgement error my son made in one of his key assignments and consideration for School Captain for next year.  The key insight is thanks to his mothers passion and parental excellence, he headed off to school this morning taking full responsibility for writing his own wrong and did so without any mention of his intentions.

The development of our children is as important as it comes and being aware of "your family blueprint" and how your own actions, guidance, mannerisms etc. will impact on and ultimately shape the life of your own children makes for spellbinding reflection.

Self development or the pursuit of knowledge has helped me to perhaps become more aware of my own limitations and how I may strive for improvement ongoing.  However the greatest lesson on personal development has yes, come from my parenting responsibilities and how my own beliefs (my original family blueprint) was sometimes working for and against me.

So this journey of self-development continues and I have found one thing to be certain.  Past behaviour predicts future behaviour until you commit to doing something about it... ONGOING!

What are you going to do differently in 2015?


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