Phil Richards

Phil Richards is a Supreme Business Master. Dynamic Founder of Smartroll, a leading Cloud Payroll Company processing payroll worth 2.4 Billion p.a with over 10,000 enthusiastic clients.

Phil was named New Zealand’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 and invests in tech companies in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Phil is absolutely passionate about Business and Life. Married with 2 children, he is a 7 x Ironman and raced in the 2012 World Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii.

Be prepared to be blown away with vibrant, honest, insights to inspire and propel you towards 2015 being your best year ever.  Take a look at what others are saying about Phil’s awe inspiring presentation…

What People Are Saying About Phil Richards

Loved every minute of it, what a great man! - Sally von Reiche

What an amazing & diverse set of feats for one man. One of the best presenters I've heard speak. Can't wait for the book! - Wally David, CFP

Thank you for all your advice, insight and support during the Conference! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a number of conversations with me. I found your talk incredibly inspiring and was humbled to be mentioned! Thanks again - Kerrydan Flory, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Awesome and inspirational - James Sutherland

We LOVED it, Phil. See you soon in Hobart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - Marg Marshall

You have no idea how good Phil was. Combo of Flight of the Conchords & Ghandi – Kris Kitto

Inspiring and emotional presentation from Phil Richards today - Kirsten Pearse

Phil Richards is a dangerously insane human being. Very intrigued to to see what he's up to next - Lachlan Money

Thank you for an awesome, magical message. World domination plans underway, starting with my own Everest Mission - Pieta Diamanditis

Certainly - let the bean counters out of their box - Kimberley MiddlemissAdrians Accountants

Every 20-something should hear him speak! - Rebecca Watt

Awesome and inspirational - Carolyn Bindon

Hi Phil, I saw your presentation at AdviserEdge and was inspired. I really loved what you had to say and your story, including what you went through during the global financial crisis. I had a similar experience - GAVIN KELLY 2 x Adviser of the Year, Brisbane.

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