Your Family Blueprint Matters

I started to realise the limitations of my ‘family blueprint’ and how unaware I was to allow myself to continue to be self-destructive on a sub conscious level.

As a kid growing up, we were a poor family when compared to many of the families around me. We were a sporting family with a deep history of sporting prowess. As a result, sports were encouraged and despite my father being a schoolteacher for some time, schooling was not visibly encouraged or mentored much at all.

Sporting pride was something I learned at a young age. My self-belief was sound on any sports field and I studied sports as if it were as important as school.

I excelled in Cricket and Baseball and eventually Basketball and even Music. Little did I know how my own upbringing would affect my ability to create wealth and take myself seriously on a financial level for years to come.

Growing up in a less privileged environment can be a strong motivator but on a subconscious level it can also be an extremely limiting inhibitor to personal growth if you're not willing to dig deep and learn the truths about how this effects you on a subconscious level.

Everyday there are moments and opportunities to either reinforce old habits and limitations or create new patterns, actions and behaviours. Only years later did I start to realise how your own personal blueprint is the combination of your family blueprint and those life experiences and in most cases your personal blueprint magnifies / distorts the truth in the negative. extract from John Peterson's book "The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery"



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