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The Personal & Business Mastery Conference 2019


The New Financial Year is a great time to to stop and reflect on our Business Progress. As business owners we rarely find the time to stop and ask ourselves - “How did we really do this past financial year?” 

It has been said that a goal without a plan is but a wish.  And yet sadly, less than 10% of people set goals, less than 5% of people write them down, and less than 2% of people use a proven system to keep growing personally and professionally and ensure they realise their goals. 

Our July Conference is a time to come together and tell the absolute truth about ourselves and the year past -  What we did well but much more importantly, what we didn’t achieve and also discover what is it about ourselves that continues to stop us from achieving our goals and reaching our ultimate potential. 

It’s also a time to be inspired by others, because there are so many remarkable stories that we all need to hear and experience first hand. And why is this important? Because these are ordinary people just like you and I achieving extraordinary results. 

Experiencing their insights and success will fundamentally alter your self-belief system for all time and provide you with a new level of passion, inspiration, tools and messages to take back to your employees and clients. When you do this you will become a success magnet. 




About Your Facilitators - John Peterson

Author, Entrepreneur, Business Educator, Mentor & Founder of The Best Practice Group

A self made Entrepreneur with various business interests spanning 14 years of ownership, John’s own businesses have been independently valued by venture capitalists in excess of $16M with all of them operating without any bank debt or overdraft facilities. John’s has spent the last 20+ years helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners tranform their personal and business lives and achieve Growth, Succession & Work-Life balance through Fortune 500 Adult Learning Methodologies that have traditionally never been available (or affordable) to Small to Medium Businesses.   

“I believe everyone has something special inside them that just needs to be tapped so they may realise their full potential. Over twenty years I have invested close to a million dollars in my own learning and development.  

For me, the power of goal setting and the results, success, health, and all round happiness that personal growth can bring into your life has been completely transformational.  

My colleagues and I have created a very special event for you in January 2017, guaranteed to deliver compelling insights and discoveries regarding your personal and family blueprint and why specific issues or frustrations keep repeating themselves in your life.  Get ready for us to challenge the limitations of your self-belief system and then you will learn how to eradicate these limitations for the year ahead and beyond.”


About Your Facilitators - Janet Parsons

Author, Founder at Potoroo Publishing, Director of Content & Facilitation at Best Practice

Janet Parsons is an award winning, internationally published author, speaker, corporate consultant, auditor, process and people educator and a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Practitioner.

Janet has a twenty seven year corporate history working with brands such as BMW, Chandler Macleod, Chubb International and James Hardie International.

A certified workplace trainer and quality assurance assessor, Janet has a diverse skill set in consulting, with areas of expertise including:

  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Quality Assurance Procedures and Processes
  • Research, Development and Creation of Business Education Material
  • Personal Development Education
  • Janet is the Director of Content and Facilitation of The Best Practice Group.
  • Janet is the founder of the Independent Publishing House “Potoroo Publishing.” 


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