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Who Are We

The Best Practice Group is Australia’s leading advisory firm to Business Owners in Australia. We help create great businesses, gain work-life balance, build world-class teams, create leading compounding growth strategies, and master their own succession plans.

We bring out the best in you, help you and your team to realise your full potential, gain knowledge and grow in acumen and confidence progressively. Importantly, our adult learning methodology works!

You learn how to implement one step at a time.

We have assisted more than 6,000 businesses in five countries over 28 years. There is no situation we have not dealt with, so we have your back. We have created the most reliable pathway to business success on the planet utilising fortune 500 knowledge and practices from the largest corporations and greatest minds worldwide.

Our education, coaching and mentoring workshops, programs and methodologies deliver exceptional results above and beyond what our clients tell us they have ever experienced prior to working with us.

For more ambitious firms, our extensive expertise includes our “cradle-to-grave” full life cycle intellectual property, including intergenerational ecosystems development to master your growth and succession model, create sustainability, and improve on the results you’re currently getting from your one stop shop and new business generation.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Everyday we assist accountants and business owners to move from where they are now to where they really want to be.


Best Practice will be regarded as Australia’s most trusted and life changing educator, coach and mentor for Business Owners.

  • Integrity – We tell you what we think you should know about, what you need to hear, and what you should do next
  • Accountability – We will be the best we can be for you. We will educate all comers to the best of our ability
  • Communication – We will give and receive as much valuable information we possibly can in our time together
  • Passion – We will deliver the most passionate speakers, panel experts, and contributors
  • Commerciality – We will demonstrate fair and reasonable price for attending our events
  • Fun – We will always bring humour, humility and a pragmatic sense of fun to our events